A few words about photo restoration...

You may have photos tucked away, gathering more dust, mold, mildew, and water spots and think they are beyond repair. Bent corners, creases, scratches, spots, fading and missing pieces are par for the course. Trust me, I've seen bad pictures, and I've restored them. When someone cries as they look at the transformation, then I've done a good job.Your original photograph is never harmed, altered or modified. It is carefully scanned to capture a high-resolution digital reproduction of your original photograph. Then I give your original back to you, where it belongs.

Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, the digital copy is then restored - leaving your original untouched. I erase the cracks, fill in the tears, remove the water spots, take out the scratches. I rebuild corners that are missing, areas that are obscured. I can make your image better than it was originally if you like: add in details your image lacked, or time has taken away; add color to a black & white; crop out certain aspects of the image; place a subject in a new background; take two subjects from different photographs and make them appear together - digital magic.

Anyone can claim to be able to restore your photographs, but make sure you see the quality upfront. Maybe you have even tried this on your own. The results you may have seen leave you disappointed - it just looks "not quite right." As a professionally trained artist, I have worked with hundreds of images and spent countless hours learning and perfecting the art of digital image manipulation, alteration, and restoration for eight years. The technology changes all the time and I keep on the cutting edge of all the technological advances available.

If you are interested in receiving a quote, please call 703.628.4807 or 302.454.8020 or email valentinedesigns@hotmail.com